Sealion Wings Board

Sealion Wings Board


In addition to being the best performing Sealion of the range in windsurfing and stand-up paddle, it is the freeride foil board par excellence to take off from the slightest breeze.

Concept strapless (without footstraps) it allows you to optimize your investment for better performance.

Unbelievable in SUPFOIL

The SEALION is the first stand-up-paddle float to have flown on a foil! It was in 2009.




SEALION boards benefit from the same construction as NAHSKWELL boards: a world apart in the construction of series boards. Each board is made from a pre-soaped foam board, wrapped in glass or carbon fabric, wood or pvc plate and epoxy resin. The assembly is compressed in a mould, then heated to allow the resin to cure at a sufficiently high temperature to ensure a high mechanical quality to the composite sandwich thus formed.

A second curing phase is then necessary to create a weight-to-strength ratio superior to other types of sandwich construction. The SEALION WINGS has a construction: One shot sandwich PVC Carbon. A process that achieves a perfect balance between strength and lightness with maximum respect for the original shape.

The retro-fish tail makes the identity of the Sealion. The interest of this shape is to improve the handling of the board while keeping an optimal stability thanks to an outline stretched over a large width. A real asset for bar passage and take-off to endless surfing while carving! A large simple concave is used to tighten the scoop line, more curved than on a Sealion Classic. The SEALION WINGS is then more radical at the bottom of the wave and much faster. The concave also brings more stability on a lower volume. The rail sections are thinner for more aggressive carvings.

Model Volume Length Width Weight
Sealion Wings 7’6 112 L 240 cm 74 cm 8,7 kg
Sealion Wings 8’6 130 L 259 cm 76 cm 9,4 kg




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